Natasha Sholl’s recently published memoir Found, Wanting, tells the story of Natasha’s attempt to rebuild her life in the wake of her partner’s sudden death, stumbling through the grief landscape and colliding with the cultural assumptions about the ‘right way’ to grieve. Natasha will be in conversation with Dalit Kaplan, who has had a few essays published in which she reflects on loss, trauma, the Holocaust, and other sunny topics. Together they discuss grief, shame, the body, living in contradictory spaces and why writing trauma needs to come from scars, not wounds. They talk about why stories matter (or do they?) and why we shy away from uncomfortable conversations (until now!).

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Dalit Kaplan

Dalit Kaplan has had essays published in a range of online publications and volumes.  She writes about illness, fertility, loss, Judaism, the Holocaust, feminism and politics. She is currently writing her first novel. When not writing, Dalit engages in impact investing and grantmaking as a director of Just World Investments, or providing storytelling workshops and…

Natasha Sholl

Natasha Sholl is a writer and lapsed lawyer based in Melbourne. Her work has featured in The Guardian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, SBS Voices, Kill Your Darlings, Mamamia and elsewhere. Her first book, Found, Wanting, published by Ultimo Press in February 2022, tells the story of her attempt to rebuild her life in the…