Join Elissa Goldstein as she chats with Canadian-American novelist, essayist and New Yorker contributor Rivka Galchen. Her range as a writer is vast and brilliant, encompassing everything from wry, psychological literary fiction to ruminations on motherhood, to reporting from the COVID frontlines in a New York City hospital. Galchen’s most recent novel, Everyone Knows Your Mother Is a Witch, explores the life of Katharina Kepler (mother of the astronomer Johannes Kepler), who was accused of witchcraft in the early 17th century. Set during a time of turmoil — as a plague is spreading and the Thirty Years’ War is about to begin — the story is replete with meaning for this moment in the 21st century.

Rivka Galchen is an international guest and will be appearing via live video-link.

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Rivka Galchen

Rivka Galchen received her MD from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, having spent a year in South America working on public health issues. Galchen completed her MFA at Columbia University, where she was a Robert Bingham Fellow. Her essay on the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics was published in The Believer, and she…

Elissa Goldstein

Elissa Goldstein is a writer, editor and collector of library memberships (seven, so far). She has an MFA in creative writing from Brooklyn College, and previously worked at Tablet in New York, where she co-produced the podcast Unorthodox. She is currently a digital producer at the ABC. Follow her on Twitter at @goldsteinelissa.