Book Chats

A space for authors to unpack and explore their latest work.

In Dennis Altman’s book chat, the author discusses his memoir, Unrequited Love — exploring the American and Australian influences on his life and writing, and the cultural gap between generations in terms of gay social politics.
In Mark Dapin’s book chat, the author discusses his latest work, Australia’s Vietnam: Myth vs History. Was Vietnam a case of Australia fighting ‘other people’s wars’ — and how did the real experiences of veterans differ from our ‘official’ account of their treatment as returnees?

In her book chat, Anna Epstein explores her work of non-fiction — Melekh Ravitsh: The Eccentric Outback Quest of an Urbane Yiddish Poet from Poland. What was Melekh Ravitsh’s outback quest, and how much did the How much did the modernist art of Yosl Bergner, Ravitsh’s son, influence her decision to write the story?

In Andrea Goldsmith’s book chat, the author discusses her latest novel, Invented Lives, a story of identity and exile. How do we ‘invent’ our lives, and is it possible to be exiles within our native countries?

In her book chat, Andy Mia Kranz discusses the development of her unique visual style, and balancing tale, allegory and fable against the stark background of war and the Holocaust.

In Philip Salom’s book chat, the award-winning author discusses his 2019 novel, The Returns, a story about the eccentricities, failings and small triumphs that humans are capable of. The Returns has shortlisted for shortlisted for the 2020 Miles Franklin Literary Award and 2020 Queensland Premier’s Literary Award.
In Miriam’s book chat, the author discusses how the life of her grandmother inspired A Universe of Sufficient Size, and the process of setting a work between two very disparate locations and time periods: Budapest in the ’30s and Sydney in the early 2000s.

In Ginger’s book chat, the award-winning journalist discusses the spectre of online harassment. Gorman explores the concept of trolling, and highlights strategies to make technology companies accountable to the public good.

In Jeff’s book chat, the award-winning writer discusses the 2019 Christchurch massacre (the subject of his latest book, Fascists Among Us),  the urgent need to truly fight fascism, and the complexities of far-right responses to climate change.

In Suzanne’s book chat, the writer discusses the responsibilities an author has when writing a novel about the Holocaust — and whether it’s ever really possible for an author to leave one’s stories and characters behind.

In her book chat, Suzy discusses the decision to write about the lives of young women in Uganda, opting for fiction over biography, and writing to empower young women In Australia and Africa.

In Daniel’s book chat, the journalist discusses the gruelling stories of Australians dudded by trusted banks and financial institutions — and shares what surprised him most about the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.