Tony Tan

Tony Tan is a highly respected figure in Australian culinary circles. He has lived most of his adult life either working in restaurants, or writing about food in Melbourne and Sydney. He was a presenter on the SBS series The Food Lovers’ Guide to Australia, has presented Master Classes in most Australian capital cities and taught in Singapore, Shanghai, Madrid and Auckland. Tony writes regularly on Asian food and culture and established his own cooking school in Trentham last year. He is the author of Hong Kong Food City (2017).


Telling Authentic Stories Through Food

Alice Zaslavsky, the friendliest voice in Australian food, leads the discussion with this team of highly respected culinary figures. How do we write about food? Who gets to write about food? What is it like being a caretaker of a cuisine? Alice Zaslavsky (moderator), Dani Valent, Joanna Hu, Tony Tan

Sunday May 29, 2022