Suzy Zail

Suzy Zail left the law to write The Tattooed Flower (2006), an account of how her father survived the Holocaust. Inspired by his war-time experience, Suzy wrote The Wrong Boy (2012), a CBCA shortlisted novel and USBBY Outstanding International Book. Continuing to chase stories about which she cares deeply, she wrote Alexander Altmann A10567 (2014), a CBCA Notable Book. Suzy’s latest YA novel, I Am Change (2019), is the story of a young Ugandan girl’s struggle to stay in school.


Suzy will also be appearing in the Gandel Philanthropy Schools Program



Who Are We To Tell?

A number of explosive controversies in the literary world have forever changed the ethical landscape for authors writing other people’s stories. In this session, Suzanne Leal and Suzy Zail, two authors whose most recent novels told the fictionalised stories of real people, will discuss their books in the context this new landscape, with a particular…

May 4, 2020

Into the Past

“Life can be understood backwards, but it must be understood forwards” (Kierkegaard). Authors Suzy Zail, Philip Salom and Avi Duckor-Jones take an existential dive into the way the past can haunt us, holding a mirror up to what we find there and how we learn from the things we see. Moderated by Bernard Cohen.

May 3, 2020