Romy Moshinsky

Romy Moshinsky is a memoirist, editor and publisher. Her business, Real Film and Publishing, is committed to publishing non-fiction books with visually engaging, content-driven design. Since 2012, Real has published more than 30 books, many of which have attracted industry acclaim. Releases in 2019 include: Melekh Ravitsh (Anna Epstein, author), My Father’s Daughter (co-authored with Ann Bennett) and When the Walls Have Ears (co-authored with Ruth Hampel). Forthcoming titles include: Ten Cubed: A Decade of Collecting & Exhibiting and Under a Lucky Star (Ron Pila, author).




The Changing Face of Publishing

The Australian publishing landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years, creating boundless opportunities for authors to share their work with the world. In this industry-focused session with Romy Moshinsky, Melissa Kayser and Debbie Lee, learn about the niche businesses committed to publishing quality books online and in print, and how to self-publish and promote your…

May 4, 2020