Rob Selzer

Rob Selzer was distracted by medical school and then a career in psychiatry before finally testing his writing ability. He freelances, which generates barely enough cash to keep the family pet in dog food, and while winning a British Theatre Challenge, a national playwriting award (OK, it was second place) and a host of other awards should have boosted his earning potential, Rob is still hoping his (hilarious) novel will be picked up by a publisher; something that will only happen when they lower their standards.



Professor Josh Cohen Keynote: Why We Have to Stop

Stopping is essential to the feeling of being alive. So argues Josh Cohen (UK) in his wonderfully engaging interrogation of our work-obsessed culture. Bringing his wit and intellect to the subject, Cohen looks to the company of philosophers, psychoanalysts and artists – Emily Dickinson, Sigmund Freud, Oscar Wilde, Orson Welles and more – in his attempt…

May 3, 2020