Juliet Rieden

Juliet Rieden is a well-known magazine editor and journalist who has been travelling between the UK and Australia for more than 30 years. She is a non-fiction author and has been a judge for various book awards in Australia. Juliet is an appointed Board Trustee for Prince’s Trust Australia and is now Editor-at-Large for The Australian Women’s Weekly. Her second non-fiction book, The Writing on the Wall (2019) is a personal memoir of her father and his family’s fate during the Holocaust. She is currently writing her third book.




Family Stories Retold

Award-winning author of The Book of Dirt, Bram Presser talks to Juliet Rieden and Miriam Sved about family stories and the intracacies of weaving truth into tales of fiction; of preserving the facts while filling in the impossible gaps left by the passing of time.

May 4, 2020

Jewish Sheilas

Join Lee Kofman, Jessica North and Juliet Rieden as they dissect and process the various ways in which the Jewish woman is represented in text. Their conversation takes in both historical representations, and their own, as writers. Supported by She’elah.

May 3, 2020