Jonathan Pearlman

Jonathan Pearlman is the editor of The Jewish Quarterly. He is also editor of Australian Foreign Affairs and world editor of The Saturday Paper. He previously worked at The Sydney Morning Herald, covering foreign affairs and politics from Canberra and Sydney. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Straits TimesThe GuardianThe TelegraphThe SpectatorThe DiplomatThe Jerusalem Report and Australian Book Review.


The Passenger: Unearthing a Dunera Boy’s Story

Two recent books have offered new insights into the remarkable exploits and achievements of the ‘Dunera Boys’.  Leah Garrett’s X Troop recounts the story of a secret commando group made up of Jewish refugees in Australia and elsewhere, who returned to Europe to liberate concentration camps. The Passenger, a lost novel by Ulrich Boschwitz, a…

Sunday May 29, 2022