Hayley Katzen

Passionate about the power of stories, South African-born Hayley Katzen quit the law to study acting, and wrote and produced a play about asylum seekers. In 2005, she moved to her girlfriend’s remote farm where she practised the craft of writing. Her writing has won competitions, been read on ABC Radio and Queerstories, and has been published in Australian, American and Asian journals and anthologies, including Australian Book Review, Griffith Review, Southerly, Fourth Genre and Kenyon Review. Untethered (2020), is her debut memoir.



The ‘Me’ in Memoir

Is there a point where the ‘me’ in memoir should stop? Are there limits to what readers want to know about or is a modern memoir expected to expose all? Is the ‘me’ in memoir a performative self? Three debut memoirists, Gigi Fenster (NZ), Hayley Katzen and Nicola Redhouse, discuss their thoughts with master memoirist…

May 4, 2020

The Decay of Civilisation

Is our world in a state of crisis? Over the summer, we witnessed the ecological devastation of bushfires engulfing much of this country and yet real climate change action seems to evade us. Our financial institutions have been revealed to be morally bankrupt. How do we agitate for change and maintain civil discourse? Jonathan Pearlman…

May 3, 2020

Queer Jews

What does it mean to stand under the umbrella of Jewish queer writer? What are the challenges of claiming your space? Does it even matter? Dennis Altman, Hayley Katzen and Nevo Zisin join Roz Bellamy in examining how they, and others, are changing the landscape.

May 3, 2020