Dalit Kaplan

Dalit Kaplan has had essays published in a range of online publications and volumes.  She writes about illness, fertility, loss, Judaism, the Holocaust, feminism and politics. She is currently writing her first novel. When not writing, Dalit engages in impact investing and grantmaking as a director of Just World Investments, or providing storytelling workshops and coaching through her business, Storywell. She has a BA/LLB (Hons Melbourne Uni), and an LLM (Chicago). She has two young children and is always tired.


Not a Pity Party: On Grief, Trauma, Storytelling and Surrender

Natasha Sholl’s recently published memoir Found, Wanting, tells the story of Natasha’s attempt to rebuild her life in the wake of her partner’s sudden death, stumbling through the grief landscape and colliding with the cultural assumptions about the ‘right way’ to grieve. Natasha will be in conversation with Dalit Kaplan, who has had a few…

Sunday May 29, 2022