Barbara Kamler

Barbara Kamler arrived in Australia as a young teacher in the early 70s and developed a distinguished academic career over the next forty years.  Her debut poetry collection Leaving New Jersey (2016) is a memoir of fifty-six prose poems, recounting the story of leaving America and arriving in Australia.  Love, regardless (2022), an enthralling new gallery of poetic portraits, celebrates love that endures.  Based on interviews but transformed into dynamic syllabic verse, it offers a unique mode of storytelling and fresh perspectives on the passion and pathos of long love.


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Love, regardless

Love, regardless is a collection of poetic narratives that celebrate love that endures.  As a culture we are inundated by romantic narratives which dramatise the passionate beginnings of young love and/or detail its devastating, torturous endings.  But what about couples who survive the years together and remain committed, devoted?  What do we know about their…

Monday May 30, 2022