Anna Epstein

Anna Epstein is the author of Melekh Ravitsh: The Eccentric Outback Quest of an Urbane Yiddish Poet from Poland (2019). Born in Melbourne to Yiddish-speaking Polish Jews of the Holocaust generation, her interest in the plight of those fleeing misfortune was awakened early. Anna worked for twenty years as editor and curator at the Jewish Museum of Australia. Her last exhibition was Mameloshn – How Yiddish Made a Home in Melbourne. Lately she has worked mainly for the Yiddish cultural centre, Kadimah.





Jewish Outback Dreaming

Anna Epstein, author of Melekh Ravitsh: The eccentric outback quest of an urbane Yiddish poet from Poland, and Arnold Zable, Ravitsh’s modern avatar, explore the dreams and idealism of this quixotic figure who nevertheless saw the reality of refugee strivings and a possible solution to them. Moderated by Rebecca Margolis, modern Yiddishist and Director of…

May 4, 2020