Andy Mia Kranz

The seed for Andy Mia Kranz’s first book, The Secret Home (2019), was formed through a vivid story told to her many times by her grandfather when she was a child. Andy wrote, illustrated and self-published this book. She has also worked as a medical practitioner and maker of fine timber furniture, and currently works as a lecturer in health science.



Stories from the Surgery

Why is that many doctors are also writers? Or is it writers who are doctors? David Isaacs, Andy Mia Kranz and Leon Piterman discuss the unlikely attraction between scalpel and pen, the varied story sources and the constant juggling act, led by Jacinta Halloran.

May 3, 2020

The Secret Home: A Reading and an Imagining

With Andy Mia Kranz. Come and hear a true tale, about three people who only saw daylight after three years living underground, only because there was a war, only because a kind family kept them safe…Imagine being in hiding, imagine protecting someone or something ever so precious. Come and draw, write, paint. Suitable for 10-13…

May 3, 2020