Andrea Goldsmith

Andrea Goldsmith is a well-known Australian novelist. Her novels include The Prosperous Thief, (short-listed for the 2003 Miles Franklin award), and The Memory Trap, awarded the 2015 Melbourne Prize. Her eighth novel, Invented Lives, is a story of identity and exile. At its centre is Galina, a Russian Jew, who comes to Australia in the mid-1980s. There she meets the Morrows each of whom have their own experience of exile. Invented Lives was published in 2019 to great acclaim and has recently been released in the US.


Lost Gems Uncovered

Our panel of keen writers and readers review and discuss some of the less well-known books by Jewish authors, or on Jewish themes, which have given them great pleasure over the years. Expect a lively discussion of some unearthed and rare titles. Bram Presser (moderator), Andrea Goldsmith, Lee Kofman, Veronica Sullivan

Sunday May 29, 2022