Alison Jones

Alison Jones has worked in a variety of settings – health, business and education – but her most important role is being mother to her five children. For the past five years, she has also been a part-time, non-fiction writer. Her first book, The Jones Family Food Roster (2019), explores the power of community, parenting during crisis, empowerment through challenge, embracing life on her own terms, and hope, as seen through the lens of her cancer diagnosis and treatment.



The Power of Community

When Alison Jones was diagnosed with cancer, her family and friends began a roster to feed her family of seven. A simple act of kindness became a radical act of nourishing generosity. The indomitable Hana Assafiri (OAM) builds understanding and respect whilst transforming the lives of marginalised women. Join these inspiring women as they share…

May 4, 2020